HEART & crafts is the organiser of the WONDER LAB French National Living Treasures exhibition at the Tokyo National Museum.


Bringing together 15 of the most talented French artistic craftsmen and women, the Wonder Lab exhibition offers a fresh perspective on contemporary creation. From goldsmithery to ceramics, artistry with feathers, tortoiseshell glass, leather, straw, paper and textile, the excellence and diversity of French artistic crafts are put on view in Japan for the first time.


Resolutely contemporary, the Wonder Lab exhibition stems from the confluence –Masters of Art or artistic craftsmen and women who have been recognised for their level of excellence– and the world of architect Lina Ghotmeh. Renowned internationally for her architectural projects and installations, which combine her love of experimenting with mediums, their metamorphosis and an invitation to amazement, Lina Ghotmeh created for the Tokyo National Museum’s emblematic Hyokeikan a spacious environment that unfolds, playing on the confrontation between the most different objects, mediums and artistic processes, inviting visitors to disregard the usual labels and categories in order to let themselves be surprised and enchanted.


The exhibition embarks visitors on an unparalleled aesthetic journey that intersects expertise, mediums, life journeys, and men and women who are determined to expand, reinvent and transmit their skills, to combine vocation with tradition and innovation.


Echoing the Japanese concept of Living National Treasures, while affirming the contemporary nature of the approach, the Wonder Lab exhibition is as much for an enlightened audience, who will be able to discover the greatest French Masters of Art, as it is for a broader and newer public, who will be able to live and feel a unique experience.


To enhance the exhibition, the public will be invited to meet the Masters of Art, attend conferences with experts and specialists, workshops for younger visitors, screenings and discussions for students and professionals.


Japan is the first stop for the Wonder Lab exhibition, before an international tour that will take it to other countries renowned for their ancestral craftsmanship, whereupon it will finish its journey in France.