HEART & crafts was created to promote the work of Master Artisans in France and abroad through prestigious events. Our mission is:


  • To contribute to the prestige of France and the promotion of French artistic crafts abroad
  • To foster an inter-cultural dialogue on the common issues facing the preservation of know-hows and the future of the artistic craft sector
  • To build public awareness about these know-hows, show their high skill level, but also the human aspect, the perfect relationship between mind and artistry
  • To foster cultural exchanges between French and international artistic craftsmen and women.


HEART & crafts is also committed to sharing news and information relating to the artistic crafts sector, on all communication mediums.


With passion and conviction, HEART & crafts strives to create social bonds by placing emotion at the heart of the human and artistic experience, by instilling meaning into cultural practices – specifically in artistic crafts. Above all, we value creative integrity, commitment to teaching, learning and appreciation for art and artists.

Wish to know more about us? Have a project in exceptional artistic crafts?
  • Organising prestigious exhibitions around the world: Japan (Tokyo National Museum), China (National Museum of China, China Art Museum, Chengdu Museum…), Paris (Musée des Arts Décoratifs), Hong Kong, Singapore, etc.


  • Organising events for the public, institutions or private companies: workshops with Master Artisans, meetings, conferences, private exhibition tours with the artists, presentations etc.


  • Organising meetings between French and foreign institutions in order to advance bilateral collaborations in the artistic crafts sector


  • Facilitating public-private partnerships (French and international) in connection with the promotion of the artistic crafts sector


  • Providing 360° consulting on the promotion and development of the artistic crafts sector around the world: access to our expertise and contacts


  • Connecting international collectors with Master Artisans


  • Organising meetings and exchanges between Master Artisans around the world


  • Supporting Master Artisans as they explore international opportunities (organising exhibition-sales, exclusive trunk shows, partnerships with prestigious department stores in Japan etc.)


  • Assisting the media in France and abroad in their production of articles, books and documentaries on Master Artisans and the artistic crafts sector, organising interviews with Master Artisans, and workshop visits


  • Publishing specialised books by and on Master Artisans and their work


A team of dedicated multilingual experts, specialised in the artistic crafts sector, each bringing their skills and experience in marketing, sponsorship and patronage management, exhibition curation, communication….