HEART & crafts  was created to promote the work of Master Artisans in France and abroad –notably in Japan–through prestigious events. Our mission is:


  • To contribute to the prestige of France and the promotion of French artistic crafts abroad
  • To foster a French-Japanese dialogue on the common issues facing the preservation of know-hows and the future of the artistic craft sector
  • To build public awareness about these know-hows, show their high skill level, but also the human aspect, the perfect relationship between mind and artistry
  • To foster cultural exchanges between French and Japanese artistic craftsmen and women.


Above all, HEART & crafts values creative integrity, commitment to teaching, learning and appreciation for art and artists.

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HEART & crafts offers many services in France and abroad, notably in Japan, all geared towards promoting excellence in artistic crafts:


  • Consulting and related services for the promotion and development of artistic crafts
  • Event planning such as personal shows, conferences, etc.
  • Connecting the enlightened public with master artisans
  • Organizing exchange visits for master artisans from different countries
  • Facilitating public-private partnerships
  • Specialised publishing of books by and about master artisans and their work.