Gaëlle Dupré, Founder of HEART & crafts

When she was very young, Gaëlle Dupré loved to visit her godmother, a tireless collector who surrounded herself with enchanting objects and cherished the fact that was a testament of the hours of patience, work and serenity that went into creating them.


During her fifteen years working as an expatriate abroad in project and company management (including some years in China and Japan), Gaëlle Dupré spent her free time discovering local crafts and craftsmanship, immersing herself in the cultural heritage of these countries. When she returned to France in 2010, she took a year off to rediscover, observe, listen to the aspirations of French craftspeople, visiting more than a hundred workshops.


Thanks to the strong relationships that were forged with these craftspeople, to her professional experience, she was able to found HEART & crafts in 2012, with the objective of helping Master Artisans gain better recognition and visibility for their exceptional work.


Gaëlle Dupré speaks French, English, German, Czech, Japanese and Mandarin.