Following the success of the WONDER LAB exhibition in Japan, HEART & crafts is honoured to participate in the JAPON-JAPONISMES exhibition at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris.


The exhibition celebrates two centuries of interconnections and mutual enrichment between France and Japan, retracing the highlights of this shared history of cultural exchanges, where artistic influences blend with creativity and boldness to reveal a field of contemporary creation that engages with art and design.


It is the continuation of the intercultural and human dialogue initiated with WONDER LAB at the Tokyo National Museum, through fifteen artists who, by constantly experimenting and pushing the boundaries of their craft, are questioning and enchanting the world.


With works inspired by Japan in a formal, technical or ornamental manner, seven of them have been invited to participate in the JAPON-JAPONISMES exhibition.



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From 14 to 30 September 2018, the Michelangelo Foundation presents Homo Faber, an exhibition dedicated to European craftsmanship. In the exceptional setting of the Fondazione Giorgio Cini in Venice, Italy, the exhibition was designed to showcase the skills and infinite creativity of Europe’s best master craftspeople.
Helio Eric Chenal copy

For London Craft Week 2018, the Institut français welcomes French Masters of Art Fanny Boucher (Heliogravure), Lison de Caunes (Straw Marquetry) and Hervé Obligi (Stone Marquetry) for a discussion on their creative processes and techniques and how they oscillate from tradition to innovation.


MEDITERRANEUM- livre d'art, photos Edouard Elias, héliogravure Fanny Boucher

In the world of artistic crafts, the most beautiful alchemy happens when exceptional and passionate people come together. A collaboration between héliograveur Fanny Boucher and photojournalist Edouard Elias, ‘Mediterraneum’ is the epitome of this.