The Japonismes 2018 season has officially began, and will last eight months, during which cultural events and celebrations will be held to commemorate 160 years of diplomatic relations between France and Japan.


HEART & crafts is honoured to participate in the ‘Japon-Japonismes 1867-2018‘ exhibition at the Paris Musée des Arts Décoratifs, an exceptional exhibition that showcases the museum’s remarkable Japanese art collection, presented alongside ‘Japonist’ western creations.


Alongside Hokusaï, Émile Gallé, René Lalique, Issey Miyake, Junya Watanabe, Shiro Kuramata, Charlotte Perriand and Ikkō Tanaka, the exhibition will include seven master craftspeople who participated in the WONDER LAB exhibition at the Tokyo National Museum.   READ MORE


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Helio Eric Chenal copy

For London Craft Week 2018, the Institut français welcomes French Masters of Art Fanny Boucher (Heliogravure), Lison de Caunes (Straw Marquetry) and Hervé Obligi (Stone Marquetry) for a discussion on their creative processes and techniques and how they oscillate from tradition to innovation.


MEDITERRANEUM- livre d'art, photos Edouard Elias, héliogravure Fanny Boucher

In the world of artistic crafts, the most beautiful alchemy happens when exceptional and passionate people come together. A collaboration between héliograveur Fanny Boucher and photojournalist Edouard Elias, ‘Mediterraneum’ is the epitome of this.



Film-maker Yannick Coutheron followed Jean Girel for four years to film an extraordinary documentary on the man who is considered today as the greatest contemporary French ceramist.